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Capture your Highschool Reunion

This example was shot in three wonderful locations:
  • The Iron Cactus Restaurant, Austin, TX
  • Westlake Beach, Austin, TX
  • Carlos & Charlies, Lake Travis, Austin, TX

My offering is based on a fixed price, one day shooting is $600, two days for $1,000, and three days for $1,400. These prices include free downloads for all pictures. These prices assume that I am not traveling further than 25 miles and don't have to stay over night.
Westlake - Class of 84-15.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-17.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-18.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-20.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-21.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-22.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-25.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-29.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-30.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-31.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-37.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-38.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-42.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-45.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-46.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-47.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-48.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-49.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-51.jpgWestlake - Class of 84-52.jpg