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Created 9-Feb-09
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Landscapes - Wildlife - Plants - Critters - and more ...

These are many of things what Texas means to me.

This Gallery will be growing constantly as I discover more locations or living things that fit My Texas.

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Benini-Ranch Jan-2009-1.jpgBenini-Ranch Jan-2009-2.jpgBenini-Ranch Jan-2009-3.jpgBenini-Ranch Jan-2009-4.jpgWinter Blossom-1.jpgBison in the Prairie-1.jpgBison in the Prairie-2.jpgBison in the Prairie-3.jpgBison in the Prairie-4.jpgBison in the Prairie-5.jpgGood Morning Deer-1.jpgGood Morning Deer-2.jpgMexican Spotted Owl-1.jpgMexican Spotted Owl-2.jpgMr. Turkey.jpgRed Barn.jpgSquirrel in the dusk.jpg