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Created 15-Jan-09
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This Gallery contains snapshots as well as carefully posed and lighted portraits. It's about the dynamic that the individuals breathe into each picture when you casually interact with them.

Everybody can learn how to use light and poses - but it's the few moments when you feel you connect to somebody that counts.
Bob & Sher-1.jpgBob & Sher-2.jpgHalloween Queen.jpgJanice Maynard - CD Cover-3.jpgJanice Maynard - CD Cover-8.jpgJanice Maynard - CD Cover-9.jpgJolina 2008-1.jpgJolina 2008-2.jpgJolina 2008-3.jpgJolina 2008-4.jpgJolina 2008-5.jpgJolina 2008-6.jpgJolina 2008-7.jpgLooking Bad-4Looking Bad-5Looking Bad-6Music is my life-1.jpgMusic is my life-2.jpgMy precious.jpgPortraits - Jan 2010-7.jpg

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