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Created 20-Jan-09
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These are the portraits from the Sunday session in the studio. There is one photo from each of you that has already been touched-up for the Website - the other pictures have not yet been processed.
Julie Wylie B&W.jpgJulie Wylie.jpgMarlo Harris - Glamour - B&W.jpgMarlo Harris - Glamour.jpgMarlo Harris B&W.jpgMarlo Harris.jpgNancy Crandall B&W.jpgNancy Crandall.jpgPortrait-1 B&W.jpgPortrait-1.jpgPortrait-6 B&W.jpgPortrait-6.jpgGina Patterson B&W.jpgGina Patterson.jpgEric Midgley B&W.jpgEric Midgley.jpgPortrait-15 B&W.jpgPortrait-15.jpg