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Capturing everlasting moments from your kids on stage - if they are performing in the theater, at school, or on a music stage, you want to preserve those precious times in the best quality you can get.

Please contact me and see how I can help capture those events for you, your friends, or even the whole class.
Orphan Annie-2-touch-upComposite JosieOrphan Annie-4Production - Hard Knock cast-2Production - Hard Knock cast-32Production - Hard Knock cast-51Production - Hard Knock cast-80Production - Hard Knock cast-158Production - Hard Knock cast-244Production - Hard Knock cast-283Production - Hard Knock cast-301Production - Tomorrow cast-11Production - Tomorrow cast-232Production - Tomorrow cast-297Rehearsal - Hard Knock cast-4Rehearsal - Hard Knock cast-45Rehearsal - Hard Knock cast-78Rehearsal - Tomorrow cast-140Rehearsal - Tomorrow cast-231School of Rock 2011 - Ruta Maya - Patrick composite