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I will cover your very personal traditional event - may it be a family birthday party, a house warming ceremony, baby shower or baby welcome, a wedding, Holi fest, Dhoti or Panchalu ceremonies, or any other event. I'll make sure to capture the special moments in print or digital pictures - for you to cherish and share with family and friends wherever they may be.

Professionally captured and documented events can start at a fixed price of $300 for the first 2 hours, $400 for up to 3 hours, $500 for up to 4 hours. We can work out an individual price if you require any extended coverage. Access to all high-resolution digital pictures is included. Prints or individual touch-ups are priced separately.

There will be an upcharge for larger, more elaborate events because I usually capture and process more images.
I operate from my home in Cedar Park, TX, and all event prices are calculated for a radius of about 25 miles. A longer commute to an event may incur an additional charge.
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