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Created 20-Apr-09
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This Gallery contains all Cedar Park Dance performances from the Encore dance competition in Kyle, TX (4-18-2009).

If you want to order your own composite 13x19 picture please feel free to either e-mail or call me. A 13x19 composite is $65.00 (see the examples in the Dance Studio). I print composites in my office.

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1 - Cedar Park Dance - Trilogies 13X19 II.jpg1 - Cedar Park Dance - Trilogies 13X19.jpg1 - Cedar-Park-Dance-20x30.jpg1 - Disturbia composite.jpg1 - Jolina composite.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-1.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-2.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-3.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-4.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-5.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-6.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-7.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-8.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-9.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-10.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-11.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-12.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-13.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-14.jpg2 Hype - Disturbia-15.jpg